Only with the generous support of our sponsors and donors is the Swiss-California Foundation able to sustain its financial security and the continuity of the Fellowship Program. Their valuable contribution enables the Fellow to meet the high expectations set forth in the Fellowship Program and thus pursue the goal of promoting world consciousness in politics and economics.

Thank you very much to all our sponsors!

Why become a Sponsor?

As a sponsor of the Swiss-California Foundation, you support a unique program that allows young Swiss graduates to aquire a broad range of professional skills and intercultural knowledge. In addition, you are invited to the Swiss-California Foundation's events. Your donation provides support for the Fellow’s basic costs of living in California.

Edelweiss Sponsors

Mr. Bruno Schurter

Mr. Bruno Schurter is a founding member of the Swiss-California Foundation. As a Board Member and former CEO of Schurter Inc., he provides valuable insights to the Fellow. Schurter Inc. is an internationally leading innovator and manufacturer of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, input systems and EMC products as well as a PCB assembly service provider for the electronics industry.

Mr. Ben Stone / Sonoma County EDB

The Sonoma County Economic Development Board hosts the Swiss Fellow at its office in Santa Rosa. The EDB provides assistance services to businesses in order to stimulate economic growth in all of Sonoma County. Ben Stone is both the Executive Director of the EDB and the Swiss-California Foundation.

Mr. Tom Neidecker

Mr. Tom Neidecker sponsors and as a Board Member takes part in the exciting Swiss-California Foundation events throughout the year. Tom is a passionate art and rare book collector; traveling all over the world to find the next jewel for his collection. Luckily for the Swiss-California Foundation, he is as passionately involved in our cause as he is for his art.

Diamond Sponsors

Currently, we do not have donors at this level. Donate today and support the Swiss-California Foundation Fellowship Program!

Platinum Sponsors

Mr. Phillip Kalsched / CMPR

Carle, Mackie, Power & Ross LLP is a prominent law firm in Santa Rosa and a project partner of the Swiss-California Foundation. In addition to that, Phillip Kalsched serves as a Board Member.

Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce,
Chapter San Francisco

The Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce is a project and networking partner of the Swiss-California Foundation.

Swiss-California Foundation Alumni

Many of our alumni are still involved with the Swiss-California Foundation and support the Foundation both financially and through volunteering their time and knowledge.

Mr. & Mrs. Kurt and Bonnie Engel

Mr. Caesar Ruegg

Mr. & Mrs. Ernest and Mary Lou Schnorf

Mr. Bjoern Jeker / CRC Results, Inc.
Schurter Inc.

Gold Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. Walter and Melody Baumgartner

Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Annemarie Bucher

Mr. & Mrs. Hans and Marlyse Stocklin

Mrs. Rosa Knoepfel / KnoeAG

Mrs. Nadine Stocklin

Mr. & Mrs. Heinz and Rosaline Rimann /
The Tea Room Chocolate Company

Mrs. Milly Gaehwiler

silver Sponsors

Mrs. Martha Neidecker

Mr. Jean Hoefliger / Alpha Omega Wineries

Mr. Mark Evans / Merryvale Vineyards

Mr. Jay Schuppert / Cuvaison

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard and Judith Diggs

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Ariane Hiltebrand

Mr. Bob Whitlock / Small Precision Tools

Mr. & Mrs. Tim and Marie-Louise Bucher /
Trattore Estate Wines and Dry Creek Olive Company

Mr. Hansueli Overturf

Bronze Sponsors

Mr. & Mrs. John and Diane Bucher /
Bucher Farms

Mr. Andreas Glocker / Fastmetrics

Mr. & Mrs. Werner and Nelli Hausmann

Mr. Peter Huwiler

Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Eva Atkin

Dr. Andreas P. Forrer, HSG Alumnus

Mr. Mark Jacobson

Mr. Pius Kampfen

Ms. Oriana Neidecker

Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Erika Schittli

Ms. Colette Thomas

Mr. Leonard Lin, HSG Alumnus

Mr. Rainer T. Behrendt, HSG Alumnus


Currently, we do not have donors at this level. Donate today and support the Swiss-California Foundation Fellowship Program!