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The establishment of the club

University of St.Gallen

The beginnings of the HSG Alumni Club San Francisco date back a couple of years. In the year 2001 the alumnus Bruno Schurter established a program for young graduates of the University of St.Gallen. Each year one recent graduate should be given the opportunity to spend some time in California to become acquainted with the local business culture. Together with other Swiss entrepreneurs, Bruno Schurter established the Swiss-California Foundation and teamed up with partners, such as the Sonoma County Economic Development Board, to offer an eight-month economic fellowship.

Today, each year, a new Fellow spends ten months in Santa Rosa, CA, one hour north of San Francisco. The Fellow works on projects that promote the local economic development, conducts research and takes care of the daily business of the Swiss-California Foundation. From the outset, those graduates maintained contact to the local HSG Alumni. It was almost a tradition that the trainees of the Swiss-California Foundation invited the HSG Alumni to occasional meetings. The get-togethers were usually held in San Francisco or Santa Rosa. One met for dinner or cosy gatherings with a few drinks. Considering the success of these informal meetings and the positive reactions the Fellows received, it soon tried to reach out to all HSG alumni in the San Francisco area. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite difficult to find them, solely dependant on word-of-mouth advertisment.

The solution was to establish an official HSG alumni club. So in early 2006, the "HSG Alumni Club Northern California" was born. In 2012 the Alumni Club was renamed into HSG Alumni Club San Francisco. Combining the Alumni organization's contacts and the contacts collected by the Swiss-California Foundation Fellows turned out to be extremly helpful. Soon after its establishment, the club had welcomed more than 18 members. Of course, the HSG Alumni Club San Franciscois always open for new members and would like to encourage HSG alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area to participte in our events, which will be held approximately every two months during the stay of a Swiss-California Foundation Fellow. For further information please send us an email at hsgalumni@swisscalifornia.com.

Planned events

For our event listing, please visit the official website of the HSG Alumni.


President and contact of the HSG Alumni Club San Francisco is the current fellow of the Swiss-California Foundation.

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